I am a qualified Clinical Psychologist as well as a certified therapist in the practice of Mindful Somatic Psychotherapy (Certified Hakomi Therapist, CHT).

If you’ve not had therapy before, you may wonder how it works. Together, we will develop a plan to suit you, drawing on various therapeutic approaches. You can come as you are and be yourself. As part of the process, your inner resources will grow, helping you make changes to your life and deal with any challenges.


Hakomi is an integrative, experiential therapy that can assist from your first session, whatever situation you arrive with. When engaging in the process of Mindful Somatic Therapy, clients usually find more ease, effectiveness and satisfaction in response to life and relationships. And with time, the capacity to reconnect to one's own lovingness brings more richness to any new moment-to-moment experience.

Psychotherapy is a structured process, which can last for a few sessions or continue longer. The number of sessions varies according to the nature of your requirements. The interval between sessions can be arranged to fit your circumstances such as work or other commitments, affordability or your personal preference.


I have a holistic approach to life and work. After my university education in Clinical Psychology and while gaining more skills and understanding in my work as a Clinical Psychologist, I undertook further long-term training in Mindful Somatic Psychotherapy (Hakomi).

I have three adult children and grandchildren who enliven me, continue to be my teachers and give and receive lots of love.