Thank you for considering me as the Clinical Psychologist to attend to your patient’s psychological needs.

I offer an effective response to clients with the shared goal of helping bring relief to dis-ease and human suffering.  If you have any specific concerns you would like to discuss, please call me on 0438 448 118.

As is the aim of CBT, I work with the client to identify problematic core beliefs, assist the patient adopt new helpful behaviours and thought patterns, which in turn help them change long-held limiting beliefs.

As one of the enhancements of other evidence-based helping methods, I also practice Hakomi Mindful Somatic Psychotherapy, as a certified therapist in this modality.


Over the last two decades I’ve successfully worked with a wide range of clients from different backgrounds. From tots with their parents to teens and seniors who initially present for help in active or passive depressive, anxious and other states.

Working with children, I always include their parents for psycho-education and “strategic response" coaching.  This is often enough to bring restoration to the child. However, if the parent is willing, some relevant deeper personal work with the parent(s) can free up new and helpful ways of responding to their child.

I do not specialise in treatment for patients who present to you with intractable addictions, chronic or severe substance abuse, dangerously advanced eating disorder, entrenched or severe psychoses (this does not include mild dissociation), current family violence or legal disputes requiring court appearance and reports.


A brief referral including your reasons for the referral and any medications the patient has been prescribed is all that’s required. Any other information relative to your concern for the patient is appreciated of course.

I have flexible hours and can usually see clients at short notice.

Whilst I do not bulk-bill per se, I offer other fee paying arrangements if a person’s financial circumstances temporarily change. Once the initial at-risk period has passed, we can also find an interval of attendance that is more affordable.

I don’t usually charge for late appointment cancellations as they occur for many reasons. For patients who have difficulty keeping appointments, bringing that information to the therapeutic process opens the way to better self-management.

I will send brief treatment result updates to you:

  • at mid-process when the patient sees you for their review
  • if someone presents to me with high suicidal risk and needs urgent medical assistance
  • if a medication relevant issue arises
  • when the course of their Medicare assisted sessions is complete

The content of these updates is naturally confidential and brief, specifies progress indicators or notes when I am advising the client to see you for a review if some event puts them at increased risk.